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(That was when I was 17 years old) in my ovguide school had a lot of different races, black, white, Asian, etc. that had a lot of black friends and one of them was a man named Jay had a night with me and some friends a sleeping at home, you know, with a couple of beers and 17, basically, was a small council flat in a string of our city and his mother was a single mother and a young black woman about 30 years late 30's was a short woman 5 feet 3 'and sharp curves, but me and the boys run out of beer, so I was a bit of money and gave it to Jason said go buy some more, so he said well and the rest of the guys who went with him ovguide because I had not who provides the money had to go. I was just relaxing in the room before, when her mother came and introduced himself, named Simone. would ask then walk the rest of the guys and said, go drink some more, what happened next was like a dream. 'I like younger men,' said Simone, ' and I'm seeingand lonely, 'he said. onfront left knees beside me, while the only couch and put my zip without pants, I could not believe it. He pulled my cock witches and was very hard and put in a straight line mouth, 'my God ' was so good at his head. after sucking cock for about 5 minutes until she was standing in front of me and pulled his shirt tight white, had the biggest tits I've seen that have had been leaning over a large brown nipples 36HH. then the next thing he almost turned it a heart attack in front of me and pulled her black pants and showed me a small white rope with larger and round ass beautiful I had ever seen. I'm an ass man, so this was too much for me to take in. I got up and pushed my hard cock between the cheeks of her ass and put my hands around in front of her tits his squease huge. I just for a second, and she said, waiting to hear that I have something to 'get their beautiful accent San Vicente. was up stairs and returned with a bottle of baby oil, she went to bed just in front of the plant that Kneale and leaned over the seat and put his big brown booty at me as if I had a small waist. Then look over your shoulder, looked at me gave me the baby ovguide oil and said, ' all over my ass', I went there in an instant, speading all over her nice ass round the headquarters of the ovguide oil on your big butt looked sooooooo good she saw me and said, 'Fuck me doggy style,' so she moved again, so that only his arms lying on the couch and her large breasts hanging perform. I am for your behing and entered my dick in her wet pussy slow that I quickly got to record one of the waist and took her as hard and as fast as I could, I began to see her amazing ass was banging against my legs and palms so strong that I have not heard the people next to drying, as well as her large breasts surprised when hit together. then was ovguide taken and said 'fuck meWhite Boy ' and she gave all my power, I was ready to finish. I said to Simon, ' in Cumming. ' She said' cum on my ass ' ovguide so I went and shot my load all over her big round oily ass mmmmmmmm he said. Simone gave me a kiss then ask me to wear my clothes and do not tell anyone. so have the rest of the boys returned about 10 minutes later cos the place was quite far. until this day black women that love me so hot and the ovguide best bodies in the world. and it all seems a dream, but it ovguide was not.
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